We are very pleased to announce that Cape To Grape Wine Tours has been successful in winning;

Wine Tour Operator of the Year


Western Cape, South Africa


Cape Town Day Tours with Cape To Grape Tours and Adventures.

From shark cage diving to wine tasting – whale watching and paragliding to safaris and city tours, we have a tour for just about everyone ! Here at Cape to Grape Wine Tours and Adventures, we are passionate about our home city.

From coast to coast, this city is one of the only destinations in the world that is home to a staggering diversity of views. No wonder Cape Town continues to be voted as the best destination in the world.

Our tours are the best way to explore the ever-changing landscapes of the Cape. We can’t wait to show you the many wonders that Cape Town has to offer.

Explore the beautiful Garden Route on our 6 day Garden Route Adventure tour or spend a night in 4* luxury accommodation on our Breedekloof Wine Valley overnight tour.

Our itineraries are designed to enhance the travelers experience. We also offer tailor made tours to suit our guests requirements.

Exclusive, bespoke, personalised, affordable tours.

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Sharks Wine & Whales, award winning Cape To Grape Wine Tours and Adventures has the perfect tour for you.

Be it sipping a GLASS of CABERNET SAUVIGNON, surrounded by the PICTURESQUE SETTING of an OLD WINE ESTATE enjoying the RELAXED LIFESTYLE with our exclusive tours getting a TASTE of what our BEAUTIFUL CAPE has to offer, Visit 3 Different Wine Regions and 5 Award Winning Wine Estates.

Or visit Hermanus which is part of the scenic Overberg region and also home to the SOUTHERN RIGHT WHALES’ mating grounds. The charming HEMEL-EN-AARDE (Heaven and Earth) valley is part of the Hermanus wine route where we will visit 5 award winning wine estates. The route offers 17 AWARD WINNING WINE ESTATES, in FYNBOS HILLS, TOWERING MOUNTAINS and BEAUTIFUL SHORELINE. 


Perhaps the CAPE OF GOOD HOPE beckons, which is a ROCKY HEADLAND on the Atlantic Coast of South Africa. This gorgeous landscape is home to 250 SPECIES OF BIRDS including the CAPE CORMORANT and the famous AFRICAN PENGUIN. This treasure trove also welcomes you to spectacular views of the MAGNIFICENT FYNBOS mountains and the PRISTINE SHORELINES of the Cape of Good Hope.

Why not visit South Africa’s most undiscovered wine region, the BREEDEKLOOF WINE VALLEY ? The valley, with it’s natural beauty and crystal clear streams, is situated between the Du Toitskloof, Slanghoek and Louwshoek mountains. Only and hour’s drive from Cape Town, this region offers something for everyone – from majestic mountains, warm hospitality and friendly people where we will visit 3 undiscovered Wine Regions. This tour may be taken as a day tour or an overnight tour staying at a 4 star B&B with breakfast.

Our 6 day Garden Route Adventure Tour is high on the must-see lists of most visitors to South Africa, and with good reason: you can’t help but be seduced by the glorious natural beauty. The distance from Mossel Bay in the west to Storms River in the east is less than 300km, yet the range of topography, vegetation, wildlife and outdoor activities is remarkable.

The coast is dotted with excellent beaches, while inland you’ll find picturesque lagoons and lakes, rolling hills and eventually the mountains of the Outeniqua and Tsitsikamma ranges that divide the verdant Garden Route from the arid Little Karoo. From Shark Cage Diving, Zip Lining, Quad Biking, Caving, Elephant and Cheetah encounters, Bungy Jumping and Games Drives, an action packed adventure lies ahead.

This tour is also offered at a more relaxed pace with a focus on the natural beauty and wildlife.

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Happy New Year to all from Cape To Grape Wine Tours and Adventures !

We would like to thank each and everyone for their wonderful support during 2017.

It has been a good year, with another TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for 2017 following on from our Certificate of Excellence in 2016, a new Luxury Travel & Hospitality Award, and currently shortlisted in the 2018 Luxury Tour Guide awards. All thanks to our clients who have rated us based on their travel experiences with Cape To Grape.

2017 also saw the launch of our new Garden Route Adventure Tour which is receiving more hits on TouristLink than any of our flagship day and overnight tours from Cape Town.

Our support is from South Africans (local and out of town) and foreign tourists. We are currently at the height of the tourist season and we say THANK YOU to our clients and travel partners for their wonderful support.

As we move into a new year, we continue to strive to perfect our guest experience and to improve our service and product offerings.

We wish you a very happy, peaceful and prosperous 2018 !

Festive Season Tours

Cape Winelands Festive Season Tours from Cape Town with Cape To Grape Wine Tours and Adventures.

Group Tours available this week include :

Wed 27th Dec : Full day Cape Winelands Tour (FULLY BOOKED)

Thu 28th Dec : Full day Breedekloof Wine Tour

Fri 29th Dec : Full day Cape Winelands Tour

Sat 30th Dec : Full day Hermanus Whale Route Wine Tour

Sun 31st Dec : New Year’s Eve full day Cape Winelands Tour

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Cape To Grape Wine Tours and Adventures is pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for an award from the Luxury Travel Guide company in the United Kingdom for the region Africa & Middle East 2018 awards.

Awards Programme

The Luxury Travel Awards recognise and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the affluent travel and tourism industry. Their team of experts have scoured the globe and traveled extensively in order to identify everything from the very best hotels, airlines and tour operators through to highlighting the most reputable transfer service companies.

An award is something given in recognition of excellence in a certain field. Recognition by a set of peers, acknowledging quality of work, is highly appreciated.

About Cape to Grape Wine Tours

Cape to Grape Wine Tours was established in the beginning of 2011 by owner and guide Adriaan Vorster. As a native to the Breedekloof River Valley, Adriaan has had a passion for wine, vineyards and country living from an early age.

Following his matriculation from Boland Agricultural School in 2003, he worked part-time in a wine cellar, gaining hands-on experience in winemaking.

In 2006, he went abroad and taught English in Taiwan for 2 years after which he returned to South Africa and started working at Fairview Wine and Cheese Winery as a wine tasting host.

Adriaan is very passionate about the wine industry and tourism, and expanded his knowledge by completing several wine and tourism courses, including All about South African Wines in 2010.

Today, Cape to Grape Wine Tours offers intimate and affordable tours for everyone. Adriaan guarantees that your South African experience will be unforgettable with all the best that our beautiful Cape has to offer.

Most recent awards are :
2016 : TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

2017 : TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

2017 : Luxury Travel & Hospitality Award



GIFT VOUCHERS from Cape To Grape Wine Tours and Adventures !

The perfect gift this Christmas or for a birthday or any other special occasion. Gift Vouchers are available for all of our tours for both private and group bookings.

The ubiquitous gift voucher. They come in all forms and practically any denomination. They can be from a favorite store, restaurant or tour operator, or they can be like a prepaid Visa or Mastercard card. Gift vouchers still remain one of the most popular holiday gifts. In October 2015, 58.8 percent of those surveyed said that they would like to receive a gift voucher, making them the most requested gift item nine years in a row.


No gifts to return or exchange. There are any number of reasons why a gift would need to be returned or exchanged – it could be the wrong color, size or style, a duplicate gift or perhaps the recipient just didn’t like it. It happens. Gift vouchers take that guess work out of choosing a gift, letting the recipient choose what he or she wants from a Cape Winelands Tour or to visit the Hermanus Whale Route or even the magical Garden Route 6 day Adventure Tour

Nice add-on gift. You could even just give it as a bonus gift, tucked in the pocket of a sweater or a pair of jeans, or even hung like an ornament from a Christmas tree !

Easy to send. If you have friends or relatives that live far away, it is easier – and far less expensive – to send a gift voucher in a pretty holiday card than to ship gifts.

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Bloukrans Bungy

Bloukrans Bungy !!! Garden Route Adventure Tour

The most amazing experience of your life!

That pretty much sums up why we are doing what we do. How we do that is by keeping everyone safe, treating everyone with respect and helping people have fun! We do all this with a long bungy cord attached to Africa’s largest bridge!

The view from Africa’s highest bridge captures all the majesty and tranquility of the Bloukrans River valley. But there is nothing tranquil about throwing yourself more than 200 metres down towards the river below. Recognised as the ‘highest bungee from a bridge’ in the world, Bloukrans Bungy uses pendulum bungee technology to ensure the smoothest, most comfortable bungee jump possible. Jumpers are secured in a full-body harness combined with an ankle connection.

Bloukrans Bridge Bungy is the world’s highest commercial bridge bungy at 216 metres (709 ft) above the Bloukrans River. It is situated at Bloukrans Bridge on the N2 highway at the border between the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape in the Tsitsikamma area of South Africa’s Garden Route. It has been operated by Face Adrenalin commercially since 1997.

The Bloukrans Bungy is the world’s highest commercial bungy bridge. It is also the highest commercial natural bungy jump in the world. We have had a number of world records associated with Bloukrans. In 2003, Bloukrans bungy was recognised as the worlds highest commercial bungy jump. In 2008 we were part of two more world records. Veronica Dean performed 19 bungy jumps in one hour and Bill Boshoff performed 101 jumps in a 24 hour period. Bill’s world record was subsequently surpassed, but in 2011 we facilitated Scott Huntley to regain the world record with 107 jumps in the 24 hour period.

We have played host to the likes of Prince Harry, Jack Osbourne, Thabo Mbeki, the Zuma family, Bobby Skinstad, Hansie Cronje, Fanie De Villiers, Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, The Amazing Race, and many more famous and not so famous visitors – you never know who you could meet on any given day at Bloukrans, the worlds highest bungy bridge!

Join us on our Garden Route Adventure Tour which is packed with activities for the adventurous tourist or you may choose the more leisurely option and enjoy the wonderful scenery and game drives.

For bookings kindly contact us as follows :

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Alternatively, you may book via our website

Great White Shark Cage Diving

Great White Shark Cage Diving in Mossel Bay on our GARDEN ROUTE ADVENTURE TOUR.

Mossel Bay on the Garden Route has probably the most accessible Great White Sharks in the world. The bay is very much protected in the winter months and the sea conditions are normally calm and comfortable.

Great White Shark facts :

Few creatures strike more fear in humans than the great white shark. In reality, great white shark attacks on humans are rare – and it is even rarer for one of these attacks to be fatal. However, the size of the great white shark and its efficiency as a predator add to the perpetuation of this unnecessary fear.

The great white shark averages 4.5 m (15 ft.) in length, but some have been recorded as large as 6 m (20 ft.) long! They generally weigh up to 2250 kg (5000 lb.).

Great white sharks are blue-gray on the dorsal, or top, part of their bodies. This helps them blend in with the bottom of the ocean when viewed from above. The belly, or ventral, part of the body, is white. This makes it difficult to see the sharks from below, with sunlight shining in around them. They have strong, torpedo-shaped bodies and powerful tails that help them swim. Great whites can reach speeds up to 24 km/hr (15 mph).

Great whites use their speed and coloring to help them hunt. They search for prey at the surface of the ocean while swimming below. Once they spot a target, they use a burst of speed to bump their prey while simultaneously biting it. They have several rows of teeth that can number into the thousands. As teeth fall out, they are rapidly replaced by those in the row behind them. These sharp, serrated teeth can be devastating. A single, large bite can be fatal.

When great white sharks are young, they feed on smaller prey, like fish and rays. As they grow larger, they feed more exclusively on marine mammals, such as sea lions, seals and small whales.

The great white is at the top of the food chain and has few threats in the ocean. Only orcas and larger sharks can pose a risk. The only other risk to the great white shark is human interaction. They are sometimes caught by accident in fishing nets or intentionally sought out by sport fisherman. Their jaws and fins are sold for considerable amounts of money.

Not much is known about the mating habits of great white sharks. What is known is that after mating the female develops several eggs which hatch in her womb. The newly-hatched shark pups feed on unfertilized eggs in the womb as they develop before being born. In general, the mother gives birth to a litter of two to ten pups, each of which average 1.5 m (5 ft.) in length. Male great whites reach maturity at 9-10 years of age. Females mature even later, between 14 and 16 years of age. Female sharks are thought to give birth once every couple years, but even that is uncertain.

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CHEETAH and ELEPHANT encounters

Our new Garden Route Adventure tour includes a Cheetah and Elephant encounter.

At Cango Wildlife ranch you will have the experience of going into the Cheetah enclosure and actually touch a Cheetah.

At Indalu Game Reserve, you will be able to walk with the Elephants and touch and feed them.

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